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April 2008- 

Ace Towing & Recovery was honored by the Junior League of Charlotte when they asked us to participate in Kids In Motion Day.  This event is part of the JLC's Healthy Child Initiative focusing on improving the mental, dental and physical health of Charlotte's children. More than 4,000 people attended Kids in Motion in 2008. Ace brought the #3 Wrecker and the #5 Rollback to the event where children were able to see and experience a multitude of vehicles

September 2007-

 Ace Towing & Recovery began picking up litter as part of the Adopt A City Street program in Charlotte.  You will often find Michael and other employees gathering litter on two of streets near our office.  Make our job easier please... don't be a litterbug!

March 2007 –

Ace towing was proud to participate in Montclaire Elementary’s Transportation Day for the entire Kindergarten.  Almost 100 students were thrilled to see all types of transportation including a helicopter flyover, a police car, a fire truck, a boat, a motorcycle and of course, two Ace Towing Trucks!  The children seemed to enjoy these the most because they got to climb in and honk the horns.


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In 2006, we retired our Ace Towing New Volkswagen Beetle.  It served you, and us, very well!  Be on the lookout for our new Motorist Assistance Scion Xb to help with flat tires, dead batteries and your other roadside needs.


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From 1995-2000 Ace Towing and Recovery was a proud sponsor of the T-ball league in the Charlotte-Pineville area

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Article From:  Tow Times Magazine, February 1999

"A Day at the Races"
By Tom Gillespie


Michael Melandro, president of Ace Towing and Recovery Inc. in Charlotte, North Carolina, works the Charlotte Motor Speedway and the Texas Motor Speedway in Ft. Worth. He drives car carriers for AATAC Inc. also out of Charlotte, which handles these races.

As a recovery crew member for the past six years, there have been many exciting moments on the track, but one event stands out above the rest: the second lap multi-car crash at the 1997 Texas 500 race at the Texas Motor Speedway. "‘My position was at the end of pit road right before turn one, " Mike says. "The wreck happened in turn one and two. I couldn’t see the actual wreck, I just heard someone say the word 'sideways' and saw smoke. We jumped into the truck while the coordinator in the tower overlooking the track started calling tow trucks out one-by-one in rapid succession. He said 'they has a mess out there.' We came around the corner and it was unbelievable. Cars were scattered everywhere.

"Ten cars were involved in the crash. The ambulances were out first – you don’t get in their way – so we had a few moments to survey what was happening before the tower began telling us what cars to go after."

"Like in a movie – everything seemed to be happening in slow motion. Smoke and flames were pouring from two cars as people worked frantically to move them around. Additional wreckers were coming by to grab the other cars. It’s amazing thing to see it happen and to be in the middle of it while it’s happening."

"We were running like maniacs to get them all loaded up. The goal was to get the cars picked up before the ambulances were gone so we wouldn’t hold up the race. We started moving as soon as the driver was out of the car. We had to be quick. Driving out, hooking up and going takes about 60 to 90 seconds."

"It goes from doing nothing at your position to doing everything at once. But its a very choreographed piece. Everyone’s in place and everyone’s on time. You don’t really think about it when you’re out there but with the cars coming by at over 100 mph it can be very dangerous. But if everyone does their job like they’re supposed to everything will work fine."

"After you do your job and go back to your position, you think back and say "Wow!  That was Amazing!' "
                                                                 A Day at the Races" By Tom Gillespie
                                                  Article From:  Tow Times Magazine, February 1999

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Article From:  Tow Times Magazine, September 1998


"Congratulations .... for the care you give your equipment and the obvious pride you have in your company and your industry"

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